Vicks introduces VapoPads Plus

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MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — Vicks has launched VapoPads Plus, the next level in Vapo scent that can help transform any living space into a wellness oasis with Vicks’ powerful and soothing vapors.

The non-medicated scent pads are designed for use with select Vicks inhalers, vaporizers and humidifiers that have a VapoPad slot or door, as well as with most brands of plug-in and waterless vaporizers. Each pad is infused with a stronger1 burst of the iconic Vicks scent, which includes a special blend of menthol, eucalyptus, and essential oils to provide up to eight hours of relief.

With fall and winter months approaching, the launch of VapoPads Plus comes at an ideal time as humidity levels begin to decrease with colder temperatures, resulting in drier indoor air. As we look to spend more time in our homes, humidifiers can help relieve the physical discomforts caused by cold, dry air, such as itchy eyes, sinus congestion and sore throat, as well as dry skin.

“As the end of the summer approaches and we prepare to return to school and work, we can expect to spend more time indoors, in closer contact with others. And if that isn’t enough, the cold, dry air that is common in the fall and winter may also weaken our resistance,” explains Megan Dristilaris, director of Marketing, Health & Wellness. “Fortunately, coughing, sinus irritation and congestion can all be temporarily relieved by turning up a room’s humidity. Keeping your nasal passages and throat well hydrated helps to soothe symptoms of colds and adding our new VapoPads Plus takes self-care and comfort to the next level.”

Vicks has a wide variety of beloved products that have been helping with cold symptoms for over a century. VapoPads were launched in 2006, and in 2019, Vicks celebrated 125 years of powerful relief and care with the expansion of the Vapo-family, including an easy-to-use vapor cream, aromatherapy patch and shower tablets. Today, VapoPads Plus join Vicks Soothing Menthol Vapors VapoPads; Soothing Sleepy Time Comfort VapoPad, a non-medicated option for children and babies; and Vicks Calming Menthol and Lavender VapoPads.

VapoPads Plus are available at Walmart, Rite Aid and Meijer stores.

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