Wahl breaks new ground with Pulsing Massage Patch

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STERLING, Ill. — Wahl Home Products has rolled out wearable technology that it calls a first in the area of pain management.

The Wahl Clipper Corp. division said Wednesday that it has launched the Wahl Pulsing Massage Patch, described as the first and only  wearable massage device that adheres to the body and uses massaging pulses to alleviate pain.

Wahl Pulsing Massage Patch

The Wahl Pulsing Massage Patch has reusable, adhesive gel pads that conform to the body.

Carrying a suggested retail price of $34.99, the Wahl Pulsing Massage Patch is now available at Walgreens drug stores nationwide.

“There’s a growing demand for natural, safe and convenient pain relief options,” noted Jenny McLaughlin, product manager for Wahl Therapeutic Massagers.

With a lightweight, flexible patch design, the Wahl Pulsing Massage Patch has reusable, adhesive gel pads that conform to the body, and four vibrating motors massage separate areas. The massaging pulses increase blood circulation to ease tension and soreness and promote the healing of sore muscles, according to the company.

The patch covers a large surface area, making it an effective solution for lower and upper back pain, but can also be used for pinpointed problem areas, Wahl said. The patch, too, offers customizable pain relief because the motors can be programmed at six intensity levels, ranging from gentle to intense, and six pulsing sequences providing different patterns of massage.

The Wahl Pulsing Massage Patch is battery-operated, so no wires get in the way, and it comes with a small portable case that can be slipped into a purse or bag, enabling pain relief on the go. Wahl also noted that the massage patch’s ease of use makes pain management more convenient and affordable than regular visits to a massage therapist.

“Whether your pain is chronic or once in a while, the wearable design of our new massaging patch is the perfect solution for people looking to feel like themselves again, quickly and easily,” McLaughlin added.


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