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Walgreens’ Pessina issues statement on George Floyd’s death

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Stefano Pessina, executive vice chairman and chief executive officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance has issued the following statement to customers, store team members and communities across America on the killing of George Floyd and protests that followed:

Stefano Pessina

“On behalf of everyone at Walgreens Boots Alliance, we share the sadness and sense of injustice felt by so many about the tragic death of George Floyd, and the disturbing pattern of similar incidents across the United States. We affirm our support for the communities of color who have been so profoundly affected by this incident and others like it, and we absolutely denounce hatred, racism, stereotyping and bigotry in any form.

Across the United States and in the 9,500 communities and neighborhoods where our Walgreens stores serve our customers and patients, we hope everyone will come together to constructively address many underlying issues and the systems of oppression at this critical time.  

Walgreens Boots Alliance strongly believes in the principles of peace and nonviolence, which are vitally important to remember today. We are deeply committed to the diversity, inclusiveness, equal treatment and safety of all people, including our more than 230,000 Walgreens team members and 8 million daily Walgreens customers and patients. 

We will continue to champion the health and wellbeing of all, and work to foster change and build bridges in every way possible.”


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