Walgreens unveils 2020 graduation spot with Bebe Rexha

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DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens has  launched a graduation celebration television spot for the class of 2020 with the help of singer, songwriter Bebe Rexha.

There are certain moments in life that require celebration. Births, marriages, milestone anniversaries – they’re the events that forge our happiest memories and fill the pages of family photo albums.

This year, those milestones will look different. And for many young people, graduation – a day that they’ve looked forward to for years, through every all-nighter and broken heart and beloved teacher and stress-filled final – will arrive with no gowns, hats or crowds cheering them on.

But if Walgreens andBebe Rexha have anything to say about it, there will still be celebrations.

Walgreens is helping singer and songwriter Rexha drop a new track that honors the grads of 2020. Written in just a matter of hours, Rexha adapted the music of the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” to become an anthem to students rising above a “new normal” that changed every expectation around one of the most anticipated occasions of their lives.
Shot entirely from her home while maintaining social distancing, and using footage of real people celebrating in their own unique ways, the 30-second spot is an ode to finding happiness in the toughest of times.



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