Walgreens uses digital motivation to spur adherence

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HealthPrize engages patients via 'gamified' approach

NORWALK, Conn. — Later this month, Walgreens plans to finish the implementation of a platform from HealthPrize Technologies designed to drive patient engagement and medication adherence.

Walgreens HealthPrize screen

The launch of the HealthPrize program for diabetes prescriptions is expected in the third quarter.

Plans call for the HealthPrize Action Engine platform to be offered via the Walgreens website, and for the drug chain to offer the program to pharmaceutical sponsors as a solution to support patient adherence to prescribed medications.

Initially, the program will be targeted at patients filling certain branded prescriptions for chronic conditions such as diabetes on Walgreens.com.

HealthPrize said Tuesday that the HIPAA-compliant program, with desktop and mobile interfaces, will also enable patients to track any of their other medications filled at Walgreens.

The rollout of the solution to partners for diabetes medications is expected in the third quarter.

The program is slated to become available for other conditions — such as gastrointestinal, high cholesterol, depression, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) — by the end of the year.

Walgreens HealthPrize mobile

HealthPrize uses gamification, behavioral economics and incentives to motivate patients.

“We are continuing to innovate in digital health, enhancing our services and solutions to extend the basic care our pharmacists provide for our patients,” Greg Orr, senior director of digital health at Walgreens Boots Alliance, said in a statement. “This platform gives us another opportunity to help improve patient adherence and outcomes, furthering our commitment to being a patient champion and partner of choice.”

The HealthPrize Action Engine uses gamification, behavioral economics and incentives redeemable at Walgreens to motivate patients to learn about their condition and stick to their prescriptions.

For example, patients may be offered weekly condition-related quizzes and surveys, daily health tips and fun facts, leader boards and competitions, daily medication prompts via email or SMS, monthly refill reminders and medication adherence scorecards.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the HealthPrize platform to select Walgreens patients through this collaboration,” stated Tom Kottler, co-founder and chief executive officer of HealthPrize. “This will also give health care brands an omnichannel approach to educating and motivating patients to take their medications and achieve improved health outcomes.”

HealthPrize reported that its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform consistently produces high levels of patient engagement, resulting in over 50% increased lifts in medication adherence versus control groups.



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