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Walmart pharmacists enlist TRC medication toolkit

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STOCKTON, Calif. — Walmart’s health and wellness unit has deployed TRC’s Medication Therapy Management Special Edition Toolkit, an online patient care resource for pharmacists.

TRC said Monday that the toolkit, available through the Walmart portal, delivers targeted medication learning and continuing education (CE) in a user-friendly, easily accessible format that provides the most relevant and up-to-date information to Walmart pharmacists.


The TRC Pharmacist’s Letter

The Special Edition Toolkit provides learning resources from the TRC Pharmacist’s Letter and Pharmacy Technician’s Letter that include recommendations, charts, audio snippets, webinars, patient education handouts and CE courses focused on managing common chronic disease states.

It also provides resources for medication adherence and a toolbox for medication therapy management (MTM). Topics covered include medication adherence, quality measures, Star Ratings and comprehensive medication reviews, plus five major disease states.

Walmart’s MTM services are focused on improving patient adherence, resolving medication problems, achieve health goals, and reducing hospitalizations and overall costs.

“Our pharmacists challenge us to incorporate resources that drive clinical and operational excellence, which requires timely access to consistent, highly accurate information to continuously improve the quality care and safety of our patients,” Kevin Barton, senior manager of MTM operations and communications support for Walmart Health & Wellness, said in a statement. “TRC’s Medication Therapy Management Special Edition Toolkit provides the essential information needed by allowing our pharmacists to quickly and accurately capture materials and best practices that will positively impact our practice of improving quality patient care.”

Medication learning solutions have become increasingly important to achieving positive patient outcomes, TRC noted.

“TRC’s Medication Therapy Management Special Edition Toolkit resources allow Walmart pharmacists to easily and efficiently access information in the Walmart portal that generates clear, complete direction and appropriate treatment,” TRC stated. “The end result is that TRC’s Medication Therapy Management Special Edition Toolkit helps Walmart pharmacy teams provide better care.”


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