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Whole Foods rolls out Genexa’s ‘clean label’ products

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ATLANTA — As we move into the 2024 cold and flu season, Genexa is reinforcing its pioneering role in bringing clean, effective medicines to consumers.

“This cough/cold/flu season we’re seeing more consumers stocking up on several solutions for their family, often building baskets that consist of a conventional over-the-counter drug along with a non-drug solution, such as a honey cough syrup. We’re observing more people taking a multi-pronged approach when it comes to treatment options,” says Emily Hazlett, senior director of brand marketing at Genexa.

She notes that the company just launched some of its products into Whole Foods. “Consumers are increasingly seeking products made with ingredients that align with their lifestyle and preferences. In particular, they want ‘clean’ solutions made without artificial additives, and they are looking for those clean label products at shelf. In the medicine aisle, Genexa has carved out a new space between effective drugs and natural medicine. Our products create a new category for effective medicines made with the same active ingredients as the leading brands that can exist near more natural products that don’t contain any artificial additives. For the first time, consumers don’t have to choose between a medicine with a proven-effective drug and a medicine made without artificial additives. Our products provide both.”

She points out that adding Genexa’s line of O-T-C drugs for adults and kids to Whole Foods’ assortment is significant for its consumer. “Now parents can buy O-T-C options that comply with Genexa’s stringent ingredient standards in the same store that carries their favorite organic and natural products, creating a one-stop-shop ­experience.”

Hazlett adds that consumers are seeking remedies that are both effective and made without artificial additives like sucralose and artificial dyes.

Genexa’s products “bridge the gap” between the effective nonprescription medicines people need for acute symptom relief “and inactive ingredients that align with their preferences and clean lifestyle,” she concludes.


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