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Winn-Dixie offers antiflu drugs free to the underinsured

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. is offering antiviral drugs in more than 150 stores free to customers with insufficient or no prescription insurance coverage.

The food and drug retailer said Thursday that under the program, a joint initiative with the Department of Health, select pharmacies in Florida (118 stores), Louisiana (11 stores) and Alabama (28 stores) will now fill prescriptions of Tamiflu and/or Relenza at no charge for patients who are underinsured or lack coverage.

To qualify for the government subsidy program, customers must have a valid prescription for the antiviral medication from a doctor, according to Winn-Dixie. The company said a state-regulated fee may be charged for dispensing the medication, but it will waive the fee in cases where patients are unable to pay.

Winn-Dixie added that all of its 401 pharmacies also are mixing children’s Tamiflu suspension, which the chain said is currently in short supply.

In recent weeks, Publix and Walgreen Co. also announced that their pharmacies would compound Tamiflu capsules into an oral suspension, due to supply issues.

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