Workshop series is introduced by Ritzman

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WADSWORTH, Ohio — In keeping with its mission to provide care beyond the prescription, Ritzman Pharmacy has launched “Ritzman Revives” workshops, a four-part series themed “Food is Medicine.”

The series, which began this month, is bringing people together to explain how healthier diets can optimize individual health outcomes.

“In our practices, pharmacists frequently field questions from consumers about ways they can boost their energy levels, or how they can maintain a desired weight through healthier eating,” said Ritzman director of marketing Christina Cyrus.

“Many people take medications that may deplete the body of important nutrients, causing low energy. As part of our mission, this program will individually educate patients on smart choices that replenish nutrients and work to reenergize our communities.”

The “Food is Medicine” series will present Revives participants with the hows and whys of making healthy dietary choices.

During each session, Ritzman pharmacists will explain the importance of incorporating healthier diets as a key part of an overall health strategy. The workshops aim to energize communities to lead healthier lifestyles, which may help prevent chronic diseases.

Ritzman Revives follows “Ritzman Restores” community events, and it is a science-based program focused on helping customers achieve optimal individual health through fitness, healthy eating habits and ­supplements.

The Food is Medicine workshops will be held at Buehler’s Fresh Foods locations throughout northeast Ohio. A Ritzman pharmacist will lead a 30- to 40-minute discussion, followed by an interactive walk-through of Buehler’s to identify healthy food. In order to provide a personalized experience, each session will be limited to 12 ­participants.

The first workshop covered diabetes management. Upcoming topics will be cholesterol (July 19), hypertension (August 15) and weight management (September 20).

Another initiative from the retailer, Ritzman Restores, has community members gather, interact and be inspired as they repurpose old objects or create something new.



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