Consumers will pay more for ‘green’ products

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Though eco-friendly products tend to cost more, U.S. shoppers will shell out extra if it does some good for the environment.

seventh-generation-productsA poll by market researcher GfK MRI found that 56% of American consumers are willing to pay more to use environmentally friendly products, up from 53% in 2010.

GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer, based on about 25,000 in-person interviews each year, also revealed that half of U.S. adults are willing to give up convenience to get an environmentally safe product, up from 47% in 2010.

Use of some of the top environmentally friendly household items — such as “green” light bulbs, all-purpose cleaners and facial tissues — has been flat or declined since 2010, according to GfK MRI. Yet consumers who say they want to help the environment report above-average levels of purchasing green items, such as cleaning and paper products.

Shoppers, too, continue to assess the eco-friendliness of consumer product manufacturers. The latest GfK MRI research found that 49% agree at least partly with the statement, “A company’s environmental record is important to me in my purchasing decisions.” That’s up just a point from 48% in 2010.


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