Walgreens digital exec Pellegrini to join Fitbit

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SAN FRANCISCO — Walgreens Boots Alliance executive Adam Pelligrini is leaving the company to join activity tracker device maker Fitbit Inc. as vice president of digital health.


Adam Pellegrini

Fitbit said Monday that Pellegrini is slated to start at the company on Sept. 6. He will be responsible for leading Fitbit’s efforts to connect its products, information, data and insights into clinical settings and developing new partnerships with health care systems, insurers and other payers, pharma companies and medical device manufacturers.

“Fitbit is uniquely positioned to help drive better health outcomes by incorporating its innovative technology, renowned brand and powerful engagement into clinical health care programs,” Pellegrini said in a statement. “I’m a passionate believer in the power of digital health technology to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and reach of our health care system. I see a tremendous opportunity for health care providers, health plans and pharmaceutical companies to foster a more proactive, consumer-centric approach to health care using Fitbit’s products, software, services and extraordinary health brand.”

At Walgreens Boots Alliance, Pellegrini serves as vice president of digital health, overseeing the global pharmacy, health and beauty retailer’s omnichannel digital health care efforts, including its integration with wearables, telemedicine and digital pharmacy platforms.

Fitbit noted that Pellegrini’s team at Walgreens led the largest retail mobile health integration of more than 1 million connected devices and launched the drug chain’s first integration of wearables, including Fitbit devices, with its Balance Rewards customer loyalty program.

Pellegrini’s more than 20 years of experience span a range of sectors across the health care industry, including providers, insurers, health care technology and nonprofits, Fitbit added.

“We’ve enabled millions of people around the world to lead healthier, more active lives by helping them to be more active, sleep better, eat smarter and manage their weight. These are some of the very changes health care systems and disease management programs encourage people to make to help prevent or mitigate chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity,” stated Woody Scal, chief business officer of Fitbit. “Because of this, we believe that Fitbit can play a meaningful role in the digital health revolution, and Adam is the ideal person to lead our efforts. He brings tremendous experience, leadership and vision to help us further develop and integrate our tools into health care, including areas such as behavior change programs, chronic care management, population screening, precision medicine and remote monitoring for post discharge and care transitions.”

Fitbit partners with leading health management systems and insurers and recently announced that its technology is being used in more than 200 clinical studies on conditions ranging from breast cancer and diabetes to heart disease and surgical recovery.



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