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10 trends to expect in 2019 from RetailMeNot’s Retailer Playbook

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AUSTIN, Texas — RetailMeNot released the top 10 trends that will define retail and marketing in 2019, based on survey insights from retail marketers and consumers. Fresh off an invigorated holiday season, retail is poised for major change and continued success — as long as marketers shift perspectives to capture audiences and continue to raise the shopping experience to new heights.

RetailMeNot, Inc. (PRNewsFoto/RetailMeNot, Inc.)

Top 10 Retail and Marketing Trends for 2019:

  1. Consumer marketers are not interested in Gen Z — yet.
  2. Taking a stand is worth the risk for retailers.
  3. Offers and discounts top the list of growth strategies.
  4. Retailers will be bullish on voice shopping groundwork.
  5. Selection and free shipping drive Amazon purchases.
  6. Try-before-you-buy will replace BOPIS.
  7. Mobile is the biggest investment priority for retailers.
  8. Subscription services are growing among consumers looking for lower costs.
  9. Millennials are slow to make purchases on social media.
  10. Automation of savings provides more time and boosts confidence.

“At the core of most of these trends is the ability to capture consumers who are willing to spend money so long as it’s convenient and fast for them. Try-before-you-buy and voice shopping, for example, are more efficient ways for the consumer to get what they want with little effort on their part,” said Marissa Tarleton, chief executive officer, RetailMeNot. “What this means for retailers is owning the responsibility of removing friction for shoppers and ensuring great mobile and in-store experiences.”

Mobile Offers and Voice Technology Top Priorities for Retailers
Retailers will be bullish on new technology, such as voice shopping, and will continue to increase mobile marketing investments, specifically focusing on driving offers and discount content for growing mobile audiences.

  • The number one tactic that retailers plan to use to positively affect sales growth in 2019 is mobile app-exclusive codes and offers.
  • 88% of retail marketers plan to increase overall marketing investments in mobile, while non-mobile (digital) and offline marketing increases are significantly lower than they were two years ago.
  • Almost all retailers are investing in voice technology to allow consumers to shop for their brand on smart speakers (96%).

“Successful retailers recognize the value of establishing strong mobile purchase incentives, including offering deals exclusively for app users,” said Tarleton. “Additionally, innovative retail marketers are beginning to lay significant groundwork and investments on emerging technology, like voice shopping, which we anticipate to take off in the next two years.”

Retailers Willing to Take Risks While Taking a Stand
In 2019, consumers want the brands they know and love to take a stand on values and cultural issues that matter most to them – and retailers are taking note. Among 5,000 consumers and 200 senior retail marketing leaders, RetailMeNot found:

  • 87% of retailers say taking a stand on social issues is worth the risk, and 83% say failing to take a stand can negatively affect their bottom line.
  • 61% of consumers say they would recommend a brand to their friends that aligns with their social values.

For more data on trends for this year, please visit http://research.retailmenot.com/2019playbook.


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