Eosera enhances offering for audiologists and hearing aid centers

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FORT WORTH — Biotechnology innovator Eosera, Inc., announced today that Earwax MD, one of the ear care market’s newest earwax impaction solutions, will enhance its offering for audiologists and hearing aid centers at the annual audiology meeting, AAA 2018, in Nashville, Tenn. next week.

Eosera will sell product directly and via various resellers for sale in-clinic. The company will also provide a sneak peek at one of several products to come, such as WaxBlaster MD, a new rinsing device to be used after cleaning the ear canal with Earwax MD.

“Since last year, the market has responded remarkably well to Earwax MD. In retailers carrying the product, dollar sales are up over 18% in the ear care category. This growth is primarily driven by the introduction of Earwax MD,” said Elyse Dickerson, co-founder and chief executive officer of Eosera, Inc.

Over 18 million people a year seek medical treatment for earwax impaction and it remains the number one reason that hearing aids fail to work properly. “Audiologists have been looking for an easier way to treat patients with impacted earwax. Until now, Audiologists often perform a manual extraction of the impacted wax, which can be very painful and time consuming. Now, audiologists and hearing aid centers can use Earwax MD in their offices and also sell the product so that patients can self-treat in the comfort of their own homes prior to their appointments to fit for hearing aids,” added Joe Griffin, co-founder and chief science officer.

Aside from creating top of the line ear care products, the company is also positioning itself as the go-to resource for education and information on ear health that the market can rely on. “To this end, Eosera will continue to invest in clinical studies that prove the safety and efficacy of our products,” added Griffin.



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