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All Florida Walgreens stores to sell Title energy drink

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MEDLEY, Fla. — Electric Beverage Co. has expanded distribution of its Title Sports Drink with Walgreens to cover all of the retailer’s drug stores in Florida.

Blue Gem Enterprise, the exclusive distributor of Title, said Wednesday that the move broadens the natural energy beverage’s distribution from south and central Florida to all of Florida and into southern Georgia.

The distributor last month announced that it started shipping Title to 205 Walgreens stores in the greater Orlando, Fla., area.

Under the latest arrangement, the Title beverage will be located on middle end stands in Walgreens stores. The expanded distribution, slated to begin later this week, will bring the total number of Walgreens stores carrying Title to nearly 1,000, according to Blue Gem.

"We are thrilled that Walgreens has expanded our distribution to include all of Florida and now into southern Georgia," Blue Gem senior vice president Bob Friedopfer said in a statement. "They have been a huge supporter of Title and Blue Gem. We look forward to establishing a presence throughout all of Florida and building our brand in one of the top consumer markets for all isotonics in the U.S."

According to the web site of Miami-based Electric Beverage Co., Title will be available in three varieties, two of which are due to be rolled out soon: Title Run (available now), Title Defense and Title Daily. Each of the SKUs has three flavors: Berry, Optimal Orange and Lemon Frenzy.


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