AmerisourceBergen chosen by Deciphera Pharmaceuticals to support QINLOCK

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VALLEY FORGE, Pa.  – AmerisourceBergen announced Monday that it has been selected by Deciphera Pharmaceuticals (Deciphera) to support QINLOCK (ripretinib). AmerisourceBergen is providing a unified commercialization approach for QINLOCK which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday, May 15, 2020. QINLOCK is an orally administered kinase switch control inhibitor approved for the treatment of adult patients with advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) who have received prior treatment with 3 or more kinase inhibitors, including imatinib.

In the United States, there are an estimated 4,000 to 6,000 cases of GIST, a rare form of cancer, diagnosed annually. The gastrointestinal cancer is characterized by disease-related symptoms, including vague abdominal pain, early feelings of fullness, vomiting and fatigue due to anemia. About 40-70% of GISTs are found in the stomach, 20-40% in the small intestine, 5-15% in the colon and rectum, and in rare cases, the esophagus (<5%). QINLOCK is a tyrosine kinase switch control inhibitor that was engineered to broadly inhibit KIT and PDGFRα mutated kinases, where genetic mutations or alterations in these kinases play a crucial role in the biology of these tumors leading to drug-resistance and disease progression

“At AmerisourceBergen, we believe we have a responsibility to help create healthier futures – for patients and our partners. The opportunity to work with Deciphera and support the launch of QINLOCK is the perfect example of how our integrated services work together to fulfill that purpose,” said Jenny Fallone, director, global branded and specialty sourcing, AmerisourceBergen. “We are proud that Deciphera selected us to help ensure patients affected by this rare disease – who have exhausted other treatments – have a new therapeutic option. By working together, we can accelerate product performance but, most importantly, increase patient access to this innovative treatment.”

AmerisourceBergen’s established expertise in supporting rare disease treatments helps ensure that critical medications are safely delivered from manufacturers to patients every day. AmerisourceBergen is supporting QINLOCK through:

  • Specialty distribution: ASD Healthcare – one of the nation’s largest specialty pharmaceutical distributors that provides services to 95 percent of U.S. hospitals, as well as specialty pharmacies, outpatient dialysis clinics, hemophilia treatment centers, home healthcare companies and retail pharmacies – will support the distribution of QINLOCK to approved hospitals, specialty pharmacies and government entities. Oncology Supply, also a part of AmerisourceBergen, provides specialty distribution to independent oncology practices nationwide and will support the distribution of QINLOCK to oncology practices and clinics for in office dispensing.
  • GPO contracting for community oncology: AmerisourceBergen provides GPO contracting, integrated dispensing solutions and expertise through ION Solutions, the largest physician service organization and group purchasing organization specializing in the support of independent, community oncology practices.
  • Third-party logistics: ICS, a pharmaceutical third-party logistics provider, aims to increase supply chain efficiency and ensure commercial success for this product. ICS will support distribution to specialty pharmacies and distributors and provide full order-to-cash services.
  • Dispensing: AmerisourceBergen’s specialty pharmacy US Bioservices has more than 25 years of experience supporting small patient populations and is dispensing QINLOCK. The pharmacy also provides customized clinical care, focused on supporting adherence and patient outcomes. Physicians may submit prescriptions for this medication to US Bioservices via phone (877-757-0667), fax (888-899-0067), ePrescribe or the MyPathpoint Prescriber Portal.


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