AZOVA achieves CPESN Level 2, offers free eCare Plan

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SALT LAKE CITY — AZOVA announced Tuesday that the company has achieved Level 2 Capability certification from CPESN USA for the Pharmacist eCare Plan. This is a major milestone for AZOVA and a testament to the company’s innovation as it continues to deliver excellence in Digital Health Technology across pharmacy. AZOVA’s eCare Plan is offered free to all CPESN pharmacies, which the company mentions is a first. This service includes seamless program enrollment and training for every CPESN participating pharmacy.

AZOVA’s Pharmacist eCare Plan enables standardized clinical documentation with true interoperability between physician electronic health record systems and pharmacy management systems. This technology enables collaborative patient management between any patient and their healthcare provider, pharmacy or payer organization. The Pharmacist eCare Plan is a standardized documentation of patient information and facilitates the exchange of patient information between healthcare providers and pharmacists. AZOVA’s goal is to advance care coordination, improve patient outcomes, and reduce overall healthcare costs with its configurable eCare Plan.

“The Pharmacist eCare Plan is a standard endorsed by the Pharmacy Health Information Technology Collaborative and serves as a standardized, interoperable document for exchanging medication-related activities, plans and goals for individuals needing care,” said Troy Trygstad, executive director, CPESN USA “It is exciting that AZOVA can now provide eCare Plan capabilities for any pharmacy that wants to participate in clinical documentation and care planning workflows for their patients and share appropriate information to other care team members. AZOVA is aligned with our longer-term goal of transforming the mindset of payers and the public alike about the enormous potential of community-based pharmacy practice.”

Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting, founder and chief executive officer of AZOVA said “Capturing clinical data from services that were delivered directly from AZOVA’s Digital Health Platform and now making it available in real time to the payer is a new service that AZOVA provides. This enables CPESN pharmacies to contract directly with payers to deliver value-based care programs like pharmacogenomics consultations, on-demand e-medication reconciliation, opioid, diabetes and hypertension management. “It also helps to reduce drug abandonment rates and control chronic disease leading to a lift in patient healthcare outcomes.” AZOVA applauds CPESN® USA and their pharmacy-governed management team for entrusting AZOVA to help support and leverage the eCare Plan standard into their healthcare objectives.

“AZOVA is honored to play an integral role in this technology which allows pharmacists to document and communicate their clinical services and share their valuable contribution to the healthcare continuum,” mentions Ashton Maaraba, senior vice president, enterprise sales and operations at AZOVA. Maaraba notes, “beginning this week, participating pharmacies should expect to receive both enrollment information and training details. The decision to offer free enrollment was easy, we believe in pharmacists and the mission behind this tremendous healthcare offering.”



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