AZOVA and CPESN USA announce directory services program

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SALT LAKE CITY – AZOVA announced Thursday that it will participate in CPESN USA’s Directory Services Program and launch a CPESN Pharmacy Digital Health Marketplace that will be available through mobile and web applications.

As part of the deal, AZOVA and CPESN USA are collaborating to help make the services of CPESN’s clinically integrated network of more than 2,400 pharmacy locations across 44 local networks accessible to patients, providers and payers. CPESN USA’s participating pharmacies provide high quality clinical service programs that will now be accessible direct to the consumer through CPESN USA’s own branded pharmacy Digital Health Marketplace. AZOVA’s robust and flexible mobile platform serves as a middleware between pharmacy systems, electronic health records, payers and patients. The marketplace gives patients, their pharmacists and physicians a digital connection point to the many clinical services that pharmacies provide. Pharmacists can now deliver their services via evisit, in the home, on site or mobile clinics, or inside their pharmacies through AZOVA’s platform. Click, CPESN USA Digital Healthcare Marketplace to visit the marketplace.

Troy Trygstad, executive director, CPESN USA noted, “CPESN USA continues to seek and connect with intelligent and innovative ehealth technologies that help payers, partners and patients alike realize the value of the local pharmacy down the street. This is why we built the Directory Services Program and are happy to have our first participant with AZOVA. AZOVA’s clinical care platform enables a searchable marketplace directory of ehealth and in pharmacy clinical services through a single patient and provider-facing interface. AZOVA is aligned with our longer-term goal of transforming the mindset of payers and the public alike about the enormous potential of community-based pharmacy practice. CPESN pharmacies are more than just dispensaries, they are service providers and care managers.”

Trygstad adds, “Now pharmacists can promote their clinical programs online and gain better access to their patients while collaborating with the care team to increase participation rates in care-driven programs. Central to the CPESN culture is to work hand-in-hand with our physician and other care team partners and not around them. AZOVA’s platform is collaborative and inclusive and that is a big factor in considering whom we work with to help market CPESN pharmacy services.”

Ashton Maaraba, AZOVA, SVP sales and operations, states, “AZOVA aims to support CPESN pharmacies in the promotion of their clinical services while enabling HIPAA secure collection, documentation and sharing of clinical data with providers, payers, and caregivers while also fully engaging the patient and providing end-to- end billing services to our clients. We wholeheartedly look forward to advancing CPESN USA’s steadfast mission and adoption of the eCare Plan. This further validates pharmacists’ critical role as forward-thinking providers in touch with the importance of utilizing effective digital health care tools and resources to help improve patient health outcomes.”

Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting, founder and CEO of AZOVA said, “Capturing clinical data from services that were delivered directly from AZOVA’s Digital Health Platform and now making it available in real time to the payer is a new service that AZOVA provides. This enables CPESN pharmacies to demonstrate the ROI for their clinical services and to contract directly with payers to deliver collaborative value-based care programs like pharmacogenomics consultations, on-demand e-medication reconciliation, opioid, diabetes and hypertension medication management. It also helps to reduce drug abandonment rates and control chronic disease leading to a lift in patient healthcare outcomes. AZOVA is thrilled to partner with CPESN USA to make these clinical programs openly available to patients, providers and payers.”


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