Azova launches Azova 360 anywhere, anytime

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SALT LAKE CITY — Azova has introduced Azova 360, a mobile ehealth platform that gives patients access to pharmacist anywhere, anytime, 24/7. The company’s community driven global platform connects pharmacists with patients through a proprietary, cloud-based digital healthcare solution that requires no software-development kits or expensive customization for pharmacist, physician and employers to implement.

The company stated that Azove 360 is a single-solution platform that saves pharmacy, medical clinics, hospitals, employer sites and pharma time and money serving as the middleware that sits between pharmacy systems, physician EMRs and employer health administrative software. This allows healthcare providers to focus on providing top-notch patient care anytime, anywhere while also communicating and collaborating across the healthcare continuum.

“Azova has pioneered a new way to drive digital ehealth services into community work-flow, not just for providers but for patients and employers. Azova gives any healthcare venue the option and access to connect into an open healthcare ecosystem, anywhere and anytime. This is the first time all the dots in the healthcare ecosystem are open for connectivity, without traditional fuzziness created by complex software which oft-times impact care-flow.” said Ashton Maaraba, senior vice president, digital innovation and operations.”

The company is also investing in building a massive data insights engine through an intelligent eplatform. This enables the pharmacist to better connect with patient and for patient to understand, anywhere, anytime in plain language what the pharmacist is trying to educate them about. The company enables a lift in patient health outcomes while decreasing drug abandonment through a simple, easy to understand data-driven assessment, anywhere, anytime through clear communication between the provider-patient relationship.

We have made tremendous progress in bringing innovative digital health tools to our clients and their patients since our initial launch in June of 2015. We are expanding our reach to pharmacists, physicians, behavioral health providers and employers focused on achieving better wellness scores for their employee across the country through true collaboration in patient care”, says Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting, chief executive officer of Azova.



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