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Bartell Drugs hosts 29th annual Partner Breakfast

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Phil Burke, category manager of Bartell Drugs, Jeniah Harrell, business development manager for Chattem, Jean Bartell Barber, vice-chairman of Bartell Drugs, Michael Barron, sales director at Northwest Electronics, George Bartell, chairman of Bartell Drugs, Mary Jo Mertens, account manager for Pacifica Natural Cosmetics, Howie Cohen – category manager of Bartell Drugs, Kathi Lentzsch – CEO of Bartell Drugs.

SEATTLE — Bartell Drugs welcomed more than 200 guests at the 29th annual Vendor Breakfast. This event showcased Bartells vendors and suppliers as a “thanks” for their partnerships and continued support.

The event was held on Wednesday, October 10th at Emerald Downs. Business owners, CEOs, presidents, product representatives and others gathered for a fun and exciting event with mock racing, breakfast, and an exclusive Bartells business presentation and awards ceremony. More than 80 companies were represented, including more than 25 locally based organizations.

“We are overwhelmed by the endless support we receive from our many vendors,” said Brent Beebe, senior vice president of merchandising for Bartells. “The value doesn’t stop with the products. We put a high emphasis on collaboration and the shared goals we have with our vendors to offer quality products and competitive pricing. Without these relationships, we wouldn’t be the specialty retailer we are today.”

“For Bartell’s, the best measure of success is the strength of our relationships. The partnerships with our customers, our suppliers and our employees are valued above all else. They are the strong foundation that holds Bartell’s up and allows us to grow. From local Pacific Northwest companies to our national associates, we honor our commitments to our partners. We work hard for them with honesty, passion, and integrity.” said Bebee.

At the Partner Breakfast, Bartells presented awards to those vendors that go above-and-beyond in supporting the company throughout the year. The Family Values Award, focused on exceptional service and loyalty, was won by Michael Barron, sales director at Northwest Electronics. Sales Representative of the Year award, focused on promotional store support, follow-through and creativity, was awarded to Jeniah Harrell, business development manager for Chattem. And Mary Jo Mertens, account manager for Pacifica Natural Cosmetics won the Local Vendor of the Year award which is awarded to a local company with top results, exclusives and high engagement.


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