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Bayer rolls out at-home A1C testing system to Rxs

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TARRYTOWN, N.Y. — Bayer Diabetes Care has launched its A1CNow SelfCheck at-home testing system at shelves on pharmacies nationwide.

The company said this week that the product, available in more than 30,000 pharmacies, is designed to promote diabetes management between physician visits.

Cleared by the Food and Drug Administration last year, the system can provide at-home results in five minutes, enabling patients to watch their A1C level more closely between visits to the doctor’s office so they can have a more informed discussion with their health care provider about their diabetes plan, according to Bayer.

The A1CNow SelfCheck complements an A1C test (a measure of how much sugar is attached to hemoglobin) administered by a health care provider but isn’t intended to replace that test or routine blood glucose testing, Bayer noted. When used with blood glucose meters such as Bayer’s Contour or Breeze2, the A1CNow SelfCheck allows people with diabetes know where they stand versus their treatment goals, the company said.

Measuring A1C levels is key to controlling diabetes, since even a one percentage point reduction in A1C may lower the risk of complications by up to 40%, according to figures cited by Bayer.

"A1C testing is an important measure of long-term diabetes management," Olivier Jarry, chief operating officer of Bayer Diabetes Care, said in a statement. "Bayer’s A1CNow SelfCheck provides patients with a new way to partner with their health care providers to help meet their blood sugar goals over time."

The system comes as a two-test kit for a suggested retail price of $29.99.


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