Biden calls on pharmacies to vaccinate more; pharmacies respond

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ARLINGTON, Va. — In reaction to President Biden’s press conference this week where he called on pharmacies to administer more boosters, NACDS has responded to the White House by issuing a letter laying out how the Administration must act now to ensure patient access to critical vaccines.

“We are writing to support recent efforts to raise awareness regarding the impending “tripledemic” that the nation faces entering the winter months. Our pharmacies and pharmacy teams are honored to have provided 276 million vaccinations for COVID-19 and stand ready as the primary point of access for Americans who seek vaccinations for both COVID-19 and influenza,” wrote NACDS president and CEO Steven Anderson.

“America’s pharmacies and pharmacy teams continue to serve valiantly as the face of neighborhood healthcare. Throughout the pandemic, NACDS has advised federal and state governments of actions essential to safeguard individuals, communities, and the nation. The response has worked best when NACDS’ recommendations have been acted upon – thus empowering the pharmacies and pharmacy teams on the front lines of care. Now, uncertainties in the current COVID-19, flu, and RSV environment – and uncertainties in policies designed to serve Americans at this critical time – can be mitigated by taking long-awaited action to ensure pharmacy PREP Act flexibilities remain in place until October 2024. Releasing a transparent plan for the commercialization of COVID-19 countermeasures and enacting H.R. 7213 also will go a long way toward meeting the needs of Americans at this time and into the future. By taking the key actions outlined in this letter, pharmacies and pharmacy teams in communities across the country can continue to meet the needs of every American, and particularly the most vulnerable,” he added.


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