Biden doubles goal for COVID-19 vaccine shots to 200 million

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden  announced on Thursday a new major goal of having 200 million COVID-19 vaccination shots being administered within his first 100 days in office.

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden

“I know it’s ambitious — twice our original goal — but no other country in the world has come close … to what we’re doing,” Biden said to reporters as began his first news conference as president.

“I believe we can do it.”

As of last Friday, the United States had 100 million coronavirus vaccinations conducted during Biden’s tenure in office. That benchmark — which was set Dec. 8 by Biden as his original target — was reached on his 59th day in office.

If that vaccination rate is maintained, the 200-million-dose target would be hit in about five weeks, or around April 23 — a full week before Biden would mark 100 days in the White House.


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