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Breakthrough Psoriasis treatment looks to bring top results to skin care market

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FORT WORTH — After five years of design, two years in development, and now shipping thousands of units to customers, breakthrough psoriasis treatment Prosoria is poised to make its mark in the over-the-counter skin care market. According to Art Clapp, president and chief executive officer of Prosoria manufacturer Nuvothera, Inc., over 85% of psoriasis patients wish they had better, longer lasting and more affordable therapies, but side-effect concerns remain paramount.  “With Prosoria, psoriasis sufferers have a clinically proven, powerful and safe O-T-C treatment option that includes natural ingredients and can be conveniently applied just once per day for full effectiveness.”

Clapp explained that psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that results in excessive growth of skin cells. “Affecting over 125 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, psoriasis can strike anywhere on the body, with any amount of surface coverage, and yields thick red skin patches and scaling. Beyond itching, pain, and increased risk of infection, psoriasis victims face incessant social worries, especially embarrassment and isolation.”

Psoriasis treatments follow the same basic approach to remediation: remove scales, inhibit excessive skin growth and control inflammation. However, conventional treatment options each suffer from their own limitations. Examples include:

  • For severe cases, injectable biologics such as IL-17 and IL-23 antibody inhibitors. Symptom improvement: 75 to 100 percent. Downsides: Increasing bodily resistance over time. High costs that are difficult to get reimbursed through insurance. Potentially life-threatening side effects.
  • For moderate to severe cases, retinoids, methotrexate, and other oral medications. These suppress inflammation and skin cell production. Suitability: short-term. Possible side effects: hair loss, lip cracking and inflammation, upset stomach, fatigue, liver damage.
  • For light to moderate cases, prescription steroid creams and ointments. Possible side effects from prolonged use: skin thinning, potentially resulting in stretch marks, spider veins, easy bruising and increased risk of injury.
  • For light to moderate cases, sunlight/UVB therapy. Prolonged exposure can worsen symptoms. Skin aging from sunlight is amply understood. Light-sensitizing soralen (a medication) combined with UVA can help more severe psoriasis, but side effects can include nausea, headache, burning, and skin cancer.
  • For light to moderate cases, over-the-counter creams and ointments. Includes coal tar and salicylic acid containing products. Many of the current products have limited effectiveness, require inconvenient frequent applications multiple times per day, and many formulations are smelly, greasy, and poorly absorbing.

Other than the new biologics for severe psoriasis very little has changed in psoriasis treatments over the last 50 years. While the vast majority of psoriasis sufferers are unsatisfied with their treatment options, they have had little to no recourse.

Equipped with degrees in biochemistry and business, Art Clapp spent over 20 years at Galderma, learning the pharma industry from sales and marketing through product and commercial development. He learned the techniques for developing the best prescription and cosmetic skin care dermatology products in the world. He could have retired quietly after Galderma, but Clapp wanted to help people and use his knowledge and expertise to help those who are suffering and deserve better treatment solutions. Art chose to focus on psoriasis first where there is a rampant need underserved by existing treatments.

For mild to moderate psoriasis sufferers looking for topical treatment, Prosoria offers a superior, sustainable way to control symptoms without the common complaints that plague other options.

  • Not strong enough to treat flares
  • Greasiness
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Multiple daily applications (which go neglected)
  • Effectiveness fades over time
  • Risky and significant side-effects

“Prosoria delivers a more powerful approach needed when treating a tougher condition like psoriasis, but safely. Prosoria harnesses the effectiveness of combination therapy along with potent psoriasis fighting ingredients that relieve psoriasis symptoms and help control future flares. The system was carefully designed to treat specific symptoms and work synergistically. The secret is the system. The power is in the combination,” Clapp said.

He said that Prosoria uses potent ingredients scientifically chosen specifically for psoriatic skin to effectively reduce the symptoms of psoriasis such as scaling, flaking, itching, redness and irritation, while softening and smoothing the skin. “Prosoria formulations combine clinical strength ingredients along with some of nature’s most powerful botanicals having potent antioxidant activity including turmeric, curcumin, bromelain, Shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin C.”

He explained that Prosoria is the market’s first once-daily treatment system for psoriasis employing a powerful combination treatment approach. “Prosoria’s all in one treatment system includes individual products that are easy and convenient for daily use and take less than 60 seconds to apply.”

 Prosoria includes:

Step 1: Prosoria Conditioning and Hydrating Gel

Advanced skin conditioners and humectants help hydrate and balance the skin’s natural environment, preparing it for further treatment.

Step 2: Prosoria Psoriasis Treatment Gel

A powerful psoriasis fighting treatment gel that penetrates into your skin quickly. The uniquely designed formula helps relieve redness, scaling, flaking, itching and irritation of psoriasis and helps maintain clearer skin with daily use.

Step 3. Prosoria Exfoliating and Moisturizing Cream

Combination of exfoliating and moisturizing agents that helps restore skin texture and appearance. Gently exfoliates and sloughs off dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling smoother, hydrated, and moisturized.

Bonus: Prosoria Rapid Repair Skin Exfoliating Ointment

An intensive nighttime skin treatment that boosts and accelerates exfoliation to rapidly restore the skin’s appearance while intensively moisturizing. It’s soothing and calming to the skin.

The products are clinically proven and dermatologist tested. Additionally, Prosoria has earned the seal of recognition from the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF). After weeks of careful review by medical experts, this seal is only awarded to companies whose O-T-C products are proven to safely and effectively relieve the symptoms of psoriasis. The Seal of Recognition identifies tested and trusted products that help people ease symptoms of dry, itchy, flaky skin.

“We identified above what most people don’t like about conventional psoriasis treatments. Prosoria remedies each of these concerns in a novel approach that really works, while emphasizing safety, convenience, and even beauty,” said Bev Hope, director of marketing.

“Our passion for how our products can impact people’s lives is what drives us,” added Hope. “Nothing makes us happier than hearing from our Prosoria users and seeing their amazing results.”

Interview comments from Prosoria users include:

“After six to seven months [of trying many treatments to treat my psoriasis], I actually threw my hands up and said, ‘I give up, because nothing is working here.’ It would just stay the same or sometimes even get worse. But I found [Prosoria] extremely easy to use, and I got great results shortly thereafter. It took some time, but it worked,” said Gloria, a Prosoria customer.

“I had about 25% coverage, mainly on my legs, my knees, and my elbows. [My dermatologist] put me on an ingested medicine that gave me really bad side effects. I had chest pains and all sorts of different things. I’d try psoriasis cream, coal cream – smelly, horrible stuff. And it just didn’t work. An injection medicine … was helping slightly, but I started getting symptoms of flu. … I’ve been using [Prosoria] for a short time, and I would say I’m now about 2% covered. So, with a little bit more time, I feel I’ll be 100 percent free,” said Karl, a Prosoria customer.

Karl’s elbow before and after.

With Art Clapp’s background in anti-aging, acne products and moisturizers, he knew how important it was for Prosoria to feel great on the skin while doing its job. Unlike with many other treatments, Prosoria users report wanting to apply their medicine each day for its smooth, creamy texture and lasting sense of comfort. This helps motivate them to be consistent in their daily applications, which in turn promotes desired results.

Clapp explained what makes Prosoria so powerful, “Our products were not only designed to help the skin become clearer, they were also engineered for safety and to make the skin feel smoother, softer and restore the skin’s appearance. For the first time, people with psoriasis have a daily skin care regimen that works while restoring the texture of their skin.”

“It’s been a long road to find Prosoria’s ideal mix of ingredients and application experience, but everything we’re hearing back tells us it was worth it,” said Clapp. “I’m so excited to help people with this problem, and there’s no shortage of related skin needs we can help with in the near future.”

Nuvothera’s products incorporate natural botanical ingredients and use the latest in scientific knowledge and evidence-based research. Currently, the company has two products in its portfolio: Prosoria Daily Psoriasis Treatment System available via the company website and on Amazon, and Nuvothera Super-Micronized Turmeric Curcumin, coming soon.


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