Breast-shaped baby bottle making waves in time for Father’s Day

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — Since the beginning of time, breastfeeding has exclusively been a task for moms. As Father’s Day rolls into view, nanobébé co-founders, Asaf Kehat and Ayal Lanternari, reveal how dads can be late-night heroes. These modern-day dads created the award-winning breast-shaped bottle as a result of Lanternari supporting his exhausted wife with middle-of-the-night-feedings. It’s the first bottle created to protect essential breastmilk nutrients, ease the transition between breast and bottle, and safely warm breastmilk faster than competitors on the market (hooray for more sleep).

According to the Pew Research Center, dads spend triple the amount of time with their children as they did in the past. Only 27% of households are headed solely by male providers. Since new fathers are spending more time with baby, a bottle that mimics mom for breastmilk is ideal so dads can also take part in the journey. Mom pumps directly into the bottle and passes off duties to dad to warm, store, and feed with fewer parts and less hassle. “To say this bottle is a total game-changer is a huge understatement,” says the esteemed parenting blog, Scary Mommy.

“Becoming a new dad wasn’t only a terrifying new responsibility. I certainly didn’t expect my sleep deprivation to spark a new baby bottle,” said Lanternari. Breastfeeding is on the rise with strong push from the World Health Organization, the American Association of Pediatrics, and public outreach from social groups. With moms going back to work and a worldwide initiative of breastfeeding encouragement, nanobébé is receiving significant attention for helping families continue their breastfeeding journey and advocating for dads to take part. Way to go dads! Not to mention, you can use their entire product line while holding your little one in another arm.



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