Brownmed launches Spark Kinetic Sleeves

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BOSTON—  Brownmed has introduced Spark Kinetic Sleeves. The new sleeves area said to fuse compression with kinesiology to help improve circulation, enhance performance and add support to many daily activities.

“We are excited to introduce Spark Sleeves to fill an unmet need in the market,” said Kylia Garver, president of Brownmed. “We think this line will have a general appeal to a broad audience and significant benefits for many active individuals.”

She said that regular exercise is essential to healthy living. “However, injury and general discomfort can make it more difficult to prioritize physical activity. Thankfully, there are products out there that make it easier to exercise, can provide support and may even speed up the recovery process. Specifically, kinesiology tape and compression wear are two useful options that may help consumers reach their fitness goals. Now, there is a line of products that combines both the science of kinesiology and the ease of use of compression wear in one easy to use sleeve.”

“Spark Kinetic Sleeves represent another step toward performance health products for Brownmed.” added Brandon Rodriguez, vice president of product development. “Our goal with Spark is to make it easier for everyone to reach their fitness goals. The many benefits of both kinesiology and compression are well-known. However, kinesiology tape can be intimidating, even for fitness-minded individuals, and compression alone lacks additional support. Spark Kinetic Sleeves utilize patent-pending technology to bring together the benefits of kinesiology tape and compression in easy to use, comfortable sleeves designed to add support and enhance performance. They’re reusable, plus, they are intuitive to put on and won’t leave sticky residue when removed. Now you can focus more of your energy toward achieving your fitness goals,” he added.

Available now, the Spark Kinetic Knee Sleeve leverages the principles of kinesiology to deliver enhanced support and high performance compression in one moisture-wicking, breathable sleeve. The Spark Kinetic Ankle Sleeve, Kinetic Elbow Sleeve and Kinetic Shin Sleeve will launch in Spring 2019.


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