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Camber Pharmaceuticals launches generic Zyloprim

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PISCATAWAY, N.J. — Camber Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce the addition of allopurinol tablets, USP to its current portfolio.

Allopurinol tablets, USP are indicated for:

1) the management of patients with signs and symptoms of primary or secondary gout.

2) the management of patients with conditions requiring therapies which cause elevations of

serum and urinary uric acid levels.

3) the management of patients with recurrent calcium oxalate calculi whose daily uric acid

excretion exceeds specific thresholds.

Camber’s allopurinol tablets, USP 100 mg and 300 mg are available in 100, 500 and 1000

count bottles.

To find out more about Camber’s allopurinol tablets, USP, visit https://www.camberpharma.com/allopurinol


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