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Cardinal Health launches Outcomes

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DUBLIN, Ohio — Cardinal Health has launched Outcomes, a digital ecosystem connecting pharmacists, payers and pharmaceutical companies to mitigate the challenges of medication non-adherence. Outcomes delivers digital health solutions for personalized medication therapy management, digital patient engagement, and telepharmacy, via its Connect platform, so these three customer groups can improve patient adherence to medication, drive better health outcomes for patients, and lower the cost of care.

Outcomes combines several existing Cardinal Health businesses within Connected Care, including mscripts, OutcomesMTM and TelePharm. Its digital ecosystem currently supports a network of 23 million patients and 60,000+ pharmacy sites nationwide to streamline pharmacy workflows, enhance patient engagement and deliver clear insights. Outcomes will help pharmacies, payers and pharmaceutical companies address the challenge of medication adherence and close critical gaps in healthcare.

“Each year, medication non-adherence costs the U.S. healthcare system $528 billion and contributes to approximately 275,000 avoidable patient deaths,” said Victor Crawford, CEO, Pharmaceutical Segment. “By combining our pharmacy service capabilities into one unified platform, Outcomes will enable pharmacies to deliver more comprehensive services to their patients, resulting in improved health and greater access to healthcare services for patients nationwide. We’re leveraging our broad national network of participating pharmacies, technology expertise, and industry insights to create digital solutions to mitigate the costs of medication non-adherence.”

“Outcomes is the latest example of how we’re developing and investing in technology solutions and actionable data tools to enable more meaningful, cost-effective and outcomes-driven connections in healthcare,” said Mike Kaufmann, CEO of Cardinal Health. “COVID-19 has accelerated the need for innovative technology solutions, and we’re focused on creating platforms that help our customers serve patients better now, and in the future.”

Building on its existing software platform, the enhanced Connect platform offered by Outcomes provides an open architecture marketplace approach that delivers solutions to pharmacies quickly, efficiently, and where they need them. Through this unified platform, pharmacies can connect clinical services, patient engagement and billing to create a more streamlined and integrated workflow.

Within the Connect platform, Outcomes recently added MyScheduling, a new scheduling solution that supports pharmacists with vaccine administration logistics for COVID-19 as well as other vaccinations and clinical services. MyScheduling enables patients to schedule and change appointments at their local pharmacy, and significantly reduces administrative tasks for pharmacies, such as scheduling patients for both vaccine doses, creating patient waiting lists, gathering patient information, and reporting on daily appointments.

For more information, visit getoutcomes.com.


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