Catalina partners with Yellowbrick Data

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PALO ALTO, Calif. Hybrid cloud data warehouse company Yellowbrick Data announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Catalina, the market leader in shopper intelligence and targeted in-store and digital media, to solve a range of data and analytics challenges. With Yellowbrick, Catalina has experienced 182x better query performance and data load speeds of up to 10TB/hour, among other tangible benefits.

Catalina combines the richest buyer-history database in the world with its own deep analytics and insights to help retailers, CPG brands, and agencies optimize media planning, execution, and measurement. The company focuses on the science behind every purchase and the unique qualities of the buyers behind the data. To uncover those insights, the company must ingest terabytes of data, process and transform it, and then consume and analyze the results to help customers mobilize meaningful, real-time engagement and results.

Catalina turned to Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud data warehouse for its capacity to support daily ETL processes as well as advanced analysis of that processed data by the company’s analytics team. Moving that analysis workload to Yellowbrick enabled Catalina’s 100-member analytics team to run deep, complex queries on three years of point-of-sale (POS) data using tools such as Python, R, and SAS. This critical process change is saving the organization significant time and financial resources.

“Catalina is focused on providing actionable, real-time insights to our CPG, retail, and agency partners, and Yellowbrick’s proactive, solution-oriented approach has expedited the launch of new data-driven solutions that are optimizing performance for our customers,” said Dr. Wes Chaar, Catalina’s chief data and advanced analytics officer.

“Catalina was looking to divert more of its engineering resources to new product development instead of managing its data warehouse, while also looking to generate insights critical to its business,” said Neil Carson, CEO at Yellowbrick Data. “Query latency was an issue, and Catalina was looking for high reliability and service levels that would suit its and its partners’ business demands. Fortunately, Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud data warehouse was built to solve those challenges—among others—and Catalina is now dedicating more resources to product innovation while we focus on its data platform.”



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