Coda Signature expands medical cannabis product portfolio

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DENVER — Coda Signature, a leading manufacturer of premium, cannabis-infused edibles, topicals and concentrates for medicinal and adult-use, recently expanded its commitment to serving the medicinal cannabis community with the introduction of two extra strength salves.  With the addition of the new salves, the company offers a total of 12 SKUs for medicinal use including seven chocolate bars, one truffle collection, three concentrate cartridges and two salves.

The company now offers its Active Extra Strength Muscle Salve and its Restore Extra Strength Skin Salve for medicinal use.  Coda Signature head of topicals, Jennifer Shelbo, explains the soothing qualities of the products,”Both formulas start with a natural hydrating base that absorbs easily into the skin and contain antioxidants, as well as vitamins A and B to help rejuvenate skin cells. Responsibly sourced herbs are infused into the oil base of each salve and gently pressed to extract the greatest spectrum of active components. We then add essential oils to combine the ancient healing properties of these components with the synergistic effects of 200mg THC and 200mg CBD. The Restore Extra Strength Skin Salve was recently awarded The Connoisseur’s Choice for Topicals and Transdermals at the 2018 THC Championship.”

Coda Signature entered the medicinal market earlier this year. “We continue to be awed by the incredible medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant,” commented Coda Signature cofounder and president, Elizabeth Cooke. “Through our edibles, topicals and concentrates, our company is committed to bringing exceptional quality products to the medicinal market. We are thrilled with the support from the medicinal dispensaries in Colorado, and we look forward to making our products available in California when we begin production there in early 2019.”

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