ConsortiEX joins the .Med communication hub

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CLEVELAND — .Med and ConsortiEX, industry collaborators providing supply chain compliance capabilities to drug trade partners, announced Wednesday the formation of a strategic relationship to bring enhanced DSCSA compliance solutions to over 6,000 hospital clinics and pharmacies in the future.

This relationship will provide pipelines to exchange regulated data elements and messages with hospital clinics and pharmacies across the United States; DSCSA compliance requires the ability to exchange product tracing data with dispensers to continue the distribution of drug products.

Utilizing trusted technology standards and practices, .Med’s Communication Hub enables the exchange of product tracing data, product verification requests, and drug recall notifications. This enhanced system, accessible to authorized trade partners and their service providers, logs and reports on all exchanged data and messages. Connected systems and trade partners have a secure and reliable pathway to Drug Supply Chain Security Act compliance by 2023 with .Med and its Communication Hub partners.

ConsortiEX provides software and services to manage the entire life cycle of drug products along the healthcare supply chain eliminating compliance burdens from hospital clinics and pharmacies. This alliance is a step toward ensuring that regulated data elements and messages are accessible by all trading partners prior to November 2023, as required by federal legislation.


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