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CVS Health to distribute new diabetic nutrition beverage

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BENTONVILLE, Ark.— Glucose Health has confirmed that CVS Health has agreed to distribute the Company’s innovative beverage for the adult-diabetic nutrition retail category, GLUCODOWN.

Murray Fleming, CEO of Glucose Health, Inc., stated, “CVS is embarking on a significant corporate expansion of diabetic care at many of its pharmacies nationwide and we are very pleased GLUCODOWN has been included given the important role nutrition can play in this initiative.”

Many clinical studies underpin the efficacy of the principal nutritional ingredient in GLUCODOWN. Clinical data generated from this research was submitted to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) by the ingredient manufacturer, resulting last year in favorable revision to FDA regulations and industry guidance with regard to the labeling of products utilizing the ingredient, including GLUCODOWN.

CVS is a leader among pharmacy retailers in mandating independent third-party testing using the ANSI 173 standard – the only American National Standard for testing and certifying dietary supplements, maintained by NSF International. Random samples of GLUCODOWN were provided to NSF International and the successful test results were released simultaneously to CVS and Glucose Health, Inc., on May 5, 2020.


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