Demeter gets big play at new Duane Reade store

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NEW YORK — As it continues to expand distribution of its fragrance collection, Demeter Fragrance Library Inc. has put a high-profile display in the newest Duane Reade store here, offering shoppers 90 of the company’s 250 scents.

"We are excited to join forces with Duane Reade to showcase our brand," Demeter chief executive officer Mark Crames says. "Choosing a fragrance is both a unique and personalized experience, which our consumers now have the opportunity to partake of in person."

In what Crames describes as a "saturated market where new fragrances dominate," Demeter has been able to stand out because of its extensive range of novel scents.

"Each individual scent is a unique and beautiful experience, wearable on its own, but that is just a starting point," he says.

Demeter’s fragrances can also be used as building blocks to make more complex scents, Crames explains. "So by mixing, matching and layering Demeter fragrances, a person can create her own individualized, customized scent," he says.

The range of scents being offered at the newest Duane Reade — a two-story outlet near Herald Square in Manhattan — includes everything from baby powder to dirt.

Crames notes that the 90 scents being carried at the store are the largest Demeter offering available in a single store. Eventually, he says, 175 other Duane Reade stores will offer a smaller selection (18 fragrances) of the company’s products.

Demeter’s offerings, Crames stresses, differ from anything else on the market. "We isolate and highlight the beautiful scents that surround us every day in wearable formats," he says. "Demeter fragrance is a personal choice that is all about the wearer, not an expression of the designer."


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