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Diplomat signs exclusive practice-based infusion agreement with Allergy Partners

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FLINT, Mich. — Diplomat Pharmacy announced an exclusive agreement between Diplomat and Allergy Partners, P.A., to manage in-office and in-home delivery and administration of infusion drugs and biologics. The agreement will cover treatments for primary immunodeficiency, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, hereditary angioedema, and more.

Allergy Partners is the nation’s largest independent, single-specialty practice for allergic disease, asthma, and immunology. Their fast-growing national network consists of 161 providers across 128 locations and 20 states.

The five-year agreement, which includes renewal provisions, should allow both organizations to leverage their consolidated purchase volume within the growing marketplace for allergy and immunology biologics. It also creates a unique and preeminent treatment platform for patients that supports both companies’ core value of putting patients first. Under this management agreement, Diplomat will provide clinical oversight and staffing, nursing services, information technology, materials management, reimbursement, and certain finance and accounting services on behalf of Allergy Partners’ 128 practice locations.

The agreement includes the integration of both parties’ information technology platforms to support close care coordination between Allergy Partners’ physicians and the pharmacy and nursing service teams that Diplomat will be managing.

“Diplomat’s significant experience and expertise in managing patients in the allergy and immunology space puts us in a unique position to complement the mission of Allergy Partners,” said Brian Griffin, chairman and chief executive officer of Diplomat. “This innovative agreement will support Diplomat’s growth in infusion therapies, and we are looking forward to collaborating with Allergy Partners.”

“Allergy Partners is excited for this partnership with Diplomat,” said Dr. David Brown, president and CEO of Allergy Partners. “This relationship between a specialized practice and an infusion service provider is one of the first of its kind, a natural complementary relationship. It furthers our goal of being the leader in the development of high-quality care for patients with allergic and immunologic disorders.”


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