Elevate CBD pain relief creams come in heat and cooling varieties

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TELFORD, Pa. — Elevate CBD Pain Relief Cream is now available in major pharmacy and grocery chains across the United States, available in two varieties: Heat or Cooling pain-relief therapy. Elevate CBD full-spectrum hemp extract products have been developed for individuals looking for a powerful way to address muscle soreness, joint pain, aches and strains, arthritis pain, stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. In 2018, Elevate entered an exclusive partnership to become the official CBD sponsor of Spartan, the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand, and now the co-branded CBD pain relief cream can be found in the country’s largest pharmacy and grocery chains.

“Elevate CBD Pain Relief Cream is particularly good for athletic recovery because research suggests it is a potent anti-inflammatory, which means it can potentially hasten muscle recovery,” said Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi, Elevate CBD’s senior medical advisor. “Such relief is essential for high-end athletes where pain can be the primary limiter of exertion. But it also can be helpful for the average Dad who may have overexerted himself at the gym or running after the kids.”

Dr. Khaleghi has written numerous health and wellness books and has appeared on CNN and shows including The Doctors and 20/20. In helping to launch several testing companies that focus on enhancing scientific rigor in developing supplement therapies, he has developed an expertise on the human endocannabinoid system and the potential for treatments that target it.

Spartan athlete and personal trainer Vanessa Lynn Campos uses both the heating and cooling options offered by Elevate CBD. “I use heating cream when I wake up to soothe a stiff neck and to loosen my muscles,” she said. “I usually use the cooling cream to help with recovery after workouts.” Already a convert to topical cream CBD therapy, she ultimately settled on Elevate after trying it at a Spartan event in 2018. “I had been using a different CBD product, but I tried Elevate CBD and loved how effective the cream is, as well as the fact that there is a heat and cooling option.” Campos also uses Elevate CBD’s oral products to relieve her ulcerative colitis. “Elevate CBD’s sprays, mints, and capsules have helped me find relief from the inflammation, chronic pain and bloat from Inflammatory Bowel Disease.”

Elevate CBD brings decades of pharmaceutical expertise to a fledgling industry. For nearly a century, prohibition of CBD removed a potential treatment from the human diet. But over the past two decades there has been an acceleration in research due to the therapeutic benefits discovered in cannabis and hemp plants, with subjects reporting that CBD offered relief from symptoms without the tendency towards addiction, overdose, increased tolerance or withdrawal found in some pain remedies such as opioids. In fact, recent studies have found that CBD may help in the treatment of addiction to opioids.

Elevate CBD products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards in a cGMP FDA registered facility with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, not isolate. Tested to ensure Hemp Extract potency, no foreign ingredients and no microbial contamination, Elevate products provide Certificates of Analysis with each production lot and are coded for traceability. Elevate is the only CBD company providing seven delivery formats including Cool and Heat Therapy Muscle Pain Relief Creams; Mint and Gum in Grab-and-Go Tins; Drops and Tinctures; Capsules; Oral Sprays and Dissolvable Strips.



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