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Energizer introduces Schick Hydro men’s razor

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SHELTON, Conn. — Energizer Inc. has unveiled the Schick Hydro men’s razor, which it bills as a "complete reinvention of the razor" and says "promises to refresh men’s shaves."

The company said Friday that the Schick Hydro, which resulted from years of testing and consumer collaboration, will "revolutionize" men’s shaves by reducing irritation and protecting and caring for skin while removing hair.

According to Energizer, the Schick Hydro involves a total rebuild of the razor system — including the blade cartridge, lubricating system, trimming blade and handle — all geared toward reducing shaving irritation. A three-blade version will deliver high performance and protection for men seeking top performance at a better value, while a five-blade model will offer the latest in razor technology, including a flip trimmer, an Advanced Hydrating Gel Reservoir with vitamin E, and five smooth-glide blades.

"Schick Hydro is a technological step change for the entire razor category," David VerNooy, vice president of technology for Schick, said in a statement. "From the way the blades are positioned in space, the blade cartridge and the lubrication system, to the handle and trimming blade, we looked at every element of this razor and redesigned it to create a markedly improved shave experience for men."

Central to the Hydro innovations, the compan said, is the addition of Skin Guards, which are skin protectors that smooth out skin between blades, safeguarding the skin during shaves. Other innovations include an Advanced Hydrating Gel Reservoir that delivers concentrated moisturizing lubricants to the skin, which the company said go well beyond conventional lubricating strips; the advent of a flip trimmer that lets men to flip back the Hydrating Gel Reservoir for precise edging and shaving in tight areas; and a new ergonomic handle design.

In addition, Schick is launching its first line of shave gels in the United States under the Hydro banner, which Energizer said will help men prepare their faces for shaving and add an extra boost of hydration to their skin.

Plans call for both models of the Schick Hydro razors to become available in April. The Hydro shave gels will be rolled out in Moisturizing and Sensitive Skin varieties in April as well.


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