Euclid introduces Vantage Vision to verify medication pouches

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Vantage Vision MDM 2

APPLE CREEK, Ohio _ Euclid Medical Products has debuted the Vantage Vision MDM 1 and MDM 2,  verification machines that automatically check multi-dose medication pouches quickly and accurately.

Vantage Vision MDM 1 is designed for retail and smaller closed-door pharmacies and hospitals wanting to verify medication pouches to reduce the time-consuming process of manual verification. The conveniently sized vision system has fully integrated software which will confirm the size, shape and color of each pill in the pouch package.

The MDM 1 Series records images of each pouch and will flag suspect pouches for further verification. Verifying up to 45 pouches per minute, the MDM 1 Series is ideal for pharmacies looking to streamline the verification process. Vantage Vision MDM 2 is a larger-scale model designed for pharmacies running multiple packaging machines speeds. The MDM2 can verify up to 75 pouches per minute.

“When it comes to automation, manual verification can be a very time-consuming process,” said Kevin Copsey, business unit director for Euclid. “Introducing Vantage  Vision MDM 1 and MDM 2 into our product lineup was a natural product line expansion to complement our new line of next generation Axial multi-dose adherence pouch packaging machines.”

To reduce false positives in the pouch verification process, both machines in the Vantage  Vision line come equipped with an agitator, a mechanism for ensuring pills are sitting flat in the pouch. This agitator technology, which is patented, along with highly sophisticated software algorithms, greatly reduces the likelihood of receiving false positives.

Smart functions in the software allow for a user-friendly interface and process flow. Reports can be printed or exported, and any repaired pouches can be registered by capturing a new image at the Repair Station. Through various processes, the software enables pharmacists to link data to a specific bar code, even after the medication pouches have left the pharmacy.

For more than 40 years, Euclid has offered complete solutions for those looking for easy-to-use unit- and multi-dose packaging and bar coding systems that will stand the test of time. The packaging machines and automated systems are designed to increase operational efficiencies, decrease costs and ensure patient safety.




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