Fred’s screening campaigns tout prevention

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For the fifth consecutive year, Fred’s Inc. recognized Colon Cancer Awareness Month by giving away free at-home EZ Detect screening kits designed to detect signs of colon cancer and rectal cancer in the early stages, when they are most treatable.

The retailer, which operates 601 pharmacy and general merchandise stores in 15 states, as well as three specialty pharmacy-only locations, also partnered with media outlets to publicize the kits’ availability. About 60,000 customers received a screening kit.

Fred’s also recently wrapped up its latest Heart Disease Awareness campaign. Together with the campaign to raise awareness about colorectal cancer, the company brought screening and early detection tools to more than 98,000 people. The campaigns also resulted in Fred’s making a $38,244 donation to the American Heart Association in May.

“More than 11% of adults are diagnosed with heart disease every year,” commented Tim Leibmann, executive vice president and chief operating officer for health care at Fred’s. “When it comes to colon cancer, incidence and death rates are higher than the national average in many of our geographic markets. We’re proud to bring much-needed awareness of these diseases to our communities by providing information, free blood pressure screenings and free colon cancer screening kits for our customers.”


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