Gillette On Demand online shave club launches

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BOSTON — Every guy knows that buying shaving blades is not only a hassle but expensive, which helps to explain the rise of shave clubs. Now Gillette, which has its own club, has made buying blades even more convenient — and less costly.

Through Gillette On Demand, its new direct-to-consumer online service, the company offers the traditional subscription only option with an additional flexible on-demand purchase option requiring the purchaser to only send a one word text — an industry first, according to Gillette.

The Procter & Gamble men’s shaving brand says it created this new service because “accessibility, shopping experience and value” are as important to men as quality and product innovation.

Gillette On Demand

Gillette On Demand offer a subscription only option with an additional flexible on-demand purchase option.

P&G launched the free Gillette Shave Club for men in June 2015. The club built on Gillette’s original subscription service, which allowed men to sign up to buy Gillette blades and have them delivered at a frequency that best fits their needs.

Using research from its shave club customers and men in general, Gillette says it discovered “clear opportunities” to improve upon the subscription only model with more flexible purchase options, easier ordering methods and Gillette’s “high quality blades” at a better value.

According to a 2015 Nielsen Homescan study cited by Gillette, 41% of men who quit traditional shave clubs did so because they were getting more blades than they required. Gillette On Demand, the company says, solves this problem by allowing men to only order blades when needed.

Along with easy ordering, the new service offers a range of razor choices at different prices giving men the ability to get a high-quality shave at a substantial savings, Gillette says. And men who choose to subscribe will receive every fourth order free. Additionally, all first-time customers will save $3 off their first order.

When men using the service run out of the blades, they text BLADES to 252-337/BLADES, which triggers the next shipment without the hassle of entering shipping or payment info. Once the text is sent, Gillette says it takes two to three business days for the blades to arrive. Product choices available through Gillette On Demand include four Fusion ProShield cartridges for $18.45 on the first order and $21.45 with free shipping on subsequent orders; five MACH3 Turbo cartridges for $10 on the first order, then $13 after that, also with free shipping; and the eight disposable razors for $8 on the initial order, then $11 with $2 for shipping.

“Ordering blades has never been easier than we’re making it today,” said Mark Jeffreys, Gillette’s brand director. “Gillette On Demand’s as-needed ordering capabilities and its convenient subscription options give guys smart choices, not trade-offs. This new service puts them in control without having to choose between convenience and flexibility, or between great quality and value.”


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