GNC builds Beyond Raw portfolio with launch of Concept X

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PITTSBURGH – One of GNC’s anchor brands, Beyond Raw has been trusted by consumers around the world for its advanced formulas that help athletes work harder, push further, and dominate like no other. Tailormade for staunch fitness enthusiasts, Beyond Raw® Concept X is a first-of-its-kind pre-workout harnessing the power of superior ingredients such as MyoTOR for muscle strength acceleration and Rephyll® for exercise-related soreness support. Now available at GNC, Beyond Raw Concept X is transforming the pre-workout industry and redefining what consumers should expect through extreme energy, focus, pumps, strength, endurance and even muscle soreness support.

“Given the past success of Beyond Raw pre-workouts and the clear market demand for a highly dosed, effective formula, Concept X was born,” said Kevin Maloberti, VP, Merchandising, GNC. “Concept X is comprised of clinically proven ingredients that were strategically chosen to accelerate results while also reducing muscle soreness to help with recovery. Concept X exemplifies GNC’s commitment to consumer-centric innovation and meets the demands of our customers looking for extreme results.”

Whatever your pre-workout needs Beyond Raw has you covered. With LITLIT AF and now Concept X, GNC is creating consumer-centric solutions to advance wellness journeys, regardless of stage.

“This next-level clinically dosed pre-workout formula is meticulously engineered to push dedicated gym-goers harder than ever thought possible with 16 active ingredients, each selected to serve a specific benefit and backed by research and science,” said Sudipta Veeramachaneni, VP, Chief Science Officer GNC. “Concept X is the end-result of intentional and thoughtful product development to offer consumers an elevated workout experience.”

Concept X is purposefully built, not overengineered, and delivers intense flavors consumers expect from Beyond Raw including Gummy Worm, Sweet & Tart, and Orange Mango with key ingredients including:

  • 325mg of MyoTOR for muscle strength acceleration
  • 500mg of Rephyll for exercise-related muscle soreness support
  • 300mg of caffeine (incl. 50mg targeted release caffeine) for energy
  • 5g of creatine
  • 6.4g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine
  • 10g of Citrulline
  • 1.5g of Nitrosigine
  • 90mg of Vitamin C

This new pre-workout is now available to purchase online and in GNC stores nationwide.


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