Health Mart supports Noah’s Bandage Project

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10,000 children’s bandages donated at McKesson ideaShare to support those facing cancer.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Health Mart pharmacies are proud to support Noah’s Bandage Project with a donation of 10,000 colorful, kid-friendly bandages. Nearly 2,000 Health Mart pharmacy owners and pharmacists at McKesson ideaShare donated the “badges of honor” to support the innovative nonprofit. All bandages donated will benefit Orlando children fighting cancer.

L to R, Chris Dimos, Paul Long, Nimesh Jhaveri

A worthy cause

“Noah’s Bandage Project is about helping kids who are experiencing the worst,” said Paul Long, president of Noah’s Bandage Project board of directors. “When kids enter cancer care, a fun bandage – instead of the boring brown ones – gives them the chance to have fun in a sterile and scary environment. We’re thrilled Health Mart stepped up to donate!”

The donation is a collective effort of Health Mart pharmacies at McKesson ideaShare – an industry conference for independent pharmacies to make meaningful connections and share expertise for building stronger businesses and communities.


“Each day, more than 40 children are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S.,” said Nimesh Jhaveri, president of Health Mart. “Cancer is tough, but so are the kids faced with this diagnosis at such a young age. Many Health Mart pharmacies care for their patients and go above and beyond the counter. It’s exciting to see this donation as one more way we’re impacting patients together.”

Much more than a bandage

The mission of Noah’s Bandage Project is to end childhood cancer through awareness, support and the gift of hope. Since 2015, they have donated nearly 210,000 boxes of cool, fun kid-friendly bandages and raised more than $700,000 for pediatric cancer research – all because of a boy named Noah. To learn more about Noah’s Bandage Project, visit





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