Hello offers new activated charcoal mouthwash

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MONTCLAIR, N.J — Hello Products has introduced new Activated Charcoal Extra Refreshing Mouthwash.

This fluoride-free rinse is said to be thoughtfully formulated to make swishing fun and friendly by harnessing the power of activated charcoal, a natural detoxifier that freshens breath. The company stated the mouthwash is black and made from sustainable bamboo and other natural ingredients.

“We’re super-psyched to bring the benefits of activated charcoal to the mouthwash category. Finally, mouthwash that’s as delicious and refreshing as it is effective, but without alcohol, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and synthetic dyes,” said Hello founder Craig Dubitsky.

With regular use, the new Activated Charcoal Extra Refreshing Mouthwash helps to support a healthy feeling mouth while bringing something fresh, fun and friendly to the category. “We’re on a mission to elevate the everyday, starting with mouths everywhere,” said Dubitsky.

“We’re purposeful in everything we do, and our packaging and sustainability are core to our ethos and ethics at hello. hello is now the fastest growing toothpaste brand in the U.S., and our activated charcoal paste is leading the way; our awesome new mouthwashes bring something innovative, effective, delicious and fun to the regimen, and we think our activated charcoal rinse is going to have folks falling black in love with their oral care routine.”

He said pair this black rinse with Hello’s best-selling Activated Charcoal Fluoride-Free Whitening Toothpaste and new BPA-Free Toothbrush with activated charcoal bristles, and you get an oral care combo that’s as gorgeous as it is effective. “Hello charcoal mouthwash is suitable for adults and children 12 years of age and older who are ready to set their smiles to stun.  Simply shake the beautiful black bottle before each use (charcoal may settle, but you shouldn’t), swish like you mean it for 30 seconds with 20mL (4 teaspoons) twice a day, think happy thoughts, and please spit responsibly as black rinse can be a touch messy. Swishers shouldn’t swallow hello, and they should give the sink a quick rinse for maximum friendliness.”

Hello Products Activated Charcoal Extra Refreshing Mouthwash (MSRP: $6.99 per 16oz bottle) launches today on and, and in-store at Walmart, Target, Safeway/Albertsons and many other retailers and e-tailers July 2018.



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