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Innovation Associates announces new name and brand – iA

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JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. — Innovation Associates announced on Wednesday that the company will now operate and be known as “iA.” The renewed brand is inspired by iA’s commitment to unleash the full potential of pharmacy.

iA’s new brand is the latest in a series of accomplishments this year that reflect the company’s commitment to enabling pharmacy providers and healthcare organizations to focus on increasing pharmacy services and move away from an increasingly transactional commodity-dispensing business. This shift elevates improving health outcomes, safety, and efficiencies.

Earlier this year, 38-year pharmacy automation veteran and pharmacist, Marvin Richardson, became the company’s chief executive officer, providing a strategic focus on iA’s continued growth. In December 2019, Wasson Enterprise, Allomer Capital Group, and Capstone Consultants LLC acquired a majority stake in the company to scale the business and enhance its pharmacy automation offerings.

“My experience working within pharmacy automation throughout my career has been profound. That’s why, when I see so many pharmacy professionals drowning in a deluge of paperwork and phone calls, instead of spending their time helping patients, I consider it a fundamental crisis in healthcare,” said Marvin Richardson, CEO of iA. “Now more than ever, we need pharmacists out front, as highly accessible community healthcare providers. It is why the work we do at iA is so important. Patients’ lives depend on it.”

Building on 25 years in the pharmacy fulfillment business, iA’s refreshed brand is supported by its new tagline — Unleash the Full Potential of Pharmacy — created to support and celebrate iA’s suite of leading-edge pharmacy automation solutions. In partnership with pharmacy providers, iA’s sophisticated Symphony Software and counting and collation hardware will run the prescription fulfillment process end-to-end, from prescription input to delivered prescription.

“This is deeply important to me,” added Greg Wasson, President and Co-Founder of Wasson Enterprise and Chairman of the iA Board. “Like Marvin, I am a pharmacist and believe the pharmacy industry can play a much greater role in healthcare. iA can accelerate this, by providing leading-edge pharmacy automation solutions to pharmacy providers, freeing up valuable time for valuable healthcare services like immunizations, diagnostic testing, and medication therapy management.”

iA’s Symphony Software platform provides a highly advanced workflow, giving pharmacy providers actionable data to improve efficiency while lowering prescription dispensing costs. iA’s leading-edge high-volume pharmacy automation solutions fill prescriptions with extraordinary speed and unparalleled accuracy.

“Our team is very excited,” added Richardson. “Today’s announcement simply makes clear our commitment to being a partner at this urgent time. I’m excited to lead iA during a time when we can work in partnership with customers to unleash the full potential of pharmacy and transform patient care.”

To learn more about the renewed brand and integrated campaign, please visit iARx.com.


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