Innovation, IMA to integrate Rx automation technology

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JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. — Pharmacy automation provider Innovation has entered into a technology integration agreement with IMA North America.

Innovation said Tuesday that the nonexclusive pact will enable it to integrate its high-volume pharmacy systems for central-fill and mail-order pharmacies with the IMA Model 3410-DRS EKC Automatic Pill Counter.

IMA 3410-DRS EKC Automatic Pill Counter_Innovation

IMA’s 3410-DRS EKC Automatic Pill Counter

“Helping the industry’s central-fill and mail-order facilities achieve their prescription throughput and patient safety goals is one of our top priorities. Our partnership with IMA for use of their EKC technology helps take our high-volume systems to yet another level of quality and productivity,” stated Tom Boyer, chief operating officer of Innovation, maker of PharmASSIST solutions. “We’re looking forward to integrating the EKC system into our highest-volume customer sites to take advantage of the technology’s tremendous accuracy, automated replenishment and extremely fast counting rate.”

A high-speed counting device for automated pharmacy applications, IMA’s 3410-DRS EKC forms part of an integrated tablet counting and filling system where a central controller commands multiple EKC units. The latest iteration of the EKC provides the highest possible counting accuracy and is virtually immune to pill dust, according to Innovation. The system’s canister replenishment technology helps achieve continuous operation, high prescription throughput and complete accuracy in replenishing inventory, the company said.

“We believe this partnership offers the industry the best of both worlds: IMA’s expertise in tablet counting technology and Innovation’s proven track record with fully integrated, high-volume systems,” commented Chris Comeau, automated pharmacy product manager for IMA North America. “Working together, we can provide high-volume pharmacy production sites with high-speed dispensing specifically tailored to their unique requirements.”

IMA North America, in Leominster, Mass., handles North American sales and service for the IMA Safe (packaging), IMA Active (solid dose processing), Tea & Herbs, and Coffee divisions. Italy-based IMA specializes in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea and coffee.

Both Innovation (booth 2609) and IMA North America (booth 2620) will be exhibiting at the 2016 NACDS Total Store Expo, which runs Aug. 6 to 9 at the Boston Convention Center.


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