IRI intros new Audience Builder solution

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CHICAGO — IRI has launched IRI Audience Builder, a new offering in their audience portfolio. IRI Audience Builder, in addition to the concierge-based audience development service, IRI Audience Desk, expands IRI’s audience development capabilities by providing clients with self-service access to the industry’s largest repository of de-identified multichannel retailer data. This powerful, web-based solution helps marketers, media planners and media buyers to build and activate IRI Verified Audiences, IRI’s 100% deterministic audience solution, in seconds as opposed to the hours and days it may take other products in the marketplace.

IRI Audience Builder, accessed through the IRI Liquid Data technology platform, is powered by de-identified data from IRI’s industry-leading 350 million national shopper loyalty cards. These cards span numerous leading retailers and enable scalable, nationally representative, purchase-based audiences across the grocery, drug, club and convenience channels.

IRI Audience Builder is a flexible, intuitive and fast solution that helps users build 100 percent deterministic purchase-based audiences across a host of audience types, ranging from category and brand buyers to more complex audiences (e.g., switchers, heavy buyers and lost buyers). Within each audience type, users can select from a variety of parameters, such as IRI’s proprietary product hierarchy (from total store down to the individual UPC level); time period, from within the past 52 weeks down to the individual day; key engagement metrics such as dollar sales and trips; and geographies at the national and state levels.

IRI research has shown that IRI Verified Audiences deliver up to 4X higher return on advertising spend (ROAS) compared to traditional contextual or demographic targeting techniques. With Audience Builder, users will have direct access to size, activate and iterate these powerful, accurate audiences at will, and ultimately drive the optimal impact and return for their campaigns.

“IRI offers clients the richest loyalty card data in the industry, enabling extremely tailored and precise audiences that help marketers reach actual consumers with messages most relevant to them,” said Nishat Mehta, president of the IRI Media Center of Excellence. “We are proud to be a strategic partner for many of the nation’s leading retailers and leverage insights from hundreds of millions of loyalty cards to empower our clients with unprecedented personalization. With the launch of Audience Builder, our clients now have direct access to discover and create audiences against this industry-leading collection of behavioral data for more efficient engagement and, ultimately, more effective marketing.”

“IRI’s customer-first attitude, innovative solutions and leading technology platform make them the perfect fit to help national advertisers create customized audiences for their brand-building campaigns through a single, user-friendly platform to enhance collaboration and growth,” said Stuart Aitken, Kroger group vice president and CEO of 84.51°.


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