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Kerr Drug sponsors ‘The People’s Pharmacy’ radio show

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Kerr Drug has entered an agreement to underwrite "The People’s Pharmacy," a popular public radio program.

Under the deal, announced Monday, Kerr Drug said it will engage in cross-promotional opportunities with The People’s Pharmacy and the program’s creators and hosts, Joe and Terry Graedon.

In addition, content from the health library of The People’s Pharmacy web site as well as podcasts of the radio program will be available on Kerr Drug’s site.

"Through their nationally syndicated radio program, newspaper column and best-selling books, Joe and Terry Graedon are recognized as experts in prescription drugs, herbals and supplements, vitamins and home remedies," Kerr Drug president and chief executive officer Anthony Civello said in a statement. "Kerr Drug is pleased to partner with Joe and Terry Graedon and The People’s Pharmacy because we both respect people’s ability to make informed decisions about their health care."

"The People’s Pharmacy" is heard on 120 public radio stations reaching about 250,000 people each week. The Graedons also write "The People’s Pharmacy" syndicated column for 80 newspapers nationwide as well as content for their web site, which averages 15,000 visits daily, and they are popular speakers on health issues.

"Kerr Drug has a history of innovative health care, from its focus on medication therapy management to its pioneering use of pharmacists in immunizing patients and in wellness programs," comments Joe Graedon. "Terry and I are excited to team up with Kerr Drug because they share our values of guiding and empowering people to take charge of their health."

"The goal of Kerr Drug’s pharmacists and The People’s Pharmacy is to help people understand how their medications work and what to expect," added Terry Graedon.

Kerr Drug operates about 90 drug stores in North Carolina as well as health care services subsidiary Kerr Health.


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