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KIND Snacks reaches highest sales within 48-hour period on Amazon

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NEW YORK — Amazon’s Prime Day 2019 marked a milestone for KIND Healthy Snacks (KIND). Over the two-day shopping period, KIND garnered the highest sales of Amazon’s food category within 48 hours, according to leading eCommerce performance analytics platform Profitero.

“Amazon is, and has always been, an integral part of our selling strategy,” says Mike Barkley, chief executive officer of KIND. “This milestone not only validates KIND’s health & wellness leadership within the snacking space, but it also reinforces the cult following that KIND has garnered over the past 15 years.”

KIND began selling on Amazon in 2009. Fast forward 10 years later, Amazon continues to play a key role within the company’s sales strategy. Overall for KIND, Prime Day sales in 2019 were 2.7x the size of Prime Day sales in 2018 when comparing two-day periods.

“Snacking habits have shifted to meet the health and lifestyle needs of Americans,” says Stephanie Csaszar, health and wellness expert at KIND. “This isn’t just an achievement for KIND; it validates that individuals’ preferences have evolved to prioritize better-for-you options.”


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