Kirby Lester marks 10 years under Zage

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Zage_Garry_Kirby Lester

Garry Zage

The company noted that one of Zage’s first priorities was building a leadership team with a vast amount of market and technology expertise: Dave Schultz, chief technology officer; Aleks Geltser, vice president of engineering; Christopher Thomsen, vice president of business development; and Dave Johnson, vice president of sales. And after Kirby Lester became a division of Capsa Solutions last year, the entire executive team has stayed intact.

“The stability of this team is extremely beneficial in all aspects of the business from product development, customer relations, customer support and the operation of the company,” Zage stated.

Kirby Lester’s consistency also has stood out amid the fast-changing pharmacy and health care environment, he added.

“Some battle-weary pharmacists have told me that the only thing that’s remained reliable and steady in this era of constant change has been Kirby Lester. I take great pride in this company’s ability to reinvent itself starting in 2005,” Zage commented. “The old Kirby Lester devices that so many veteran pharmacists trusted are many miles behind us, literally and figuratively. I am proud to have ushered the respected Kirby Lester name into a new era. We’re taking high-efficiency dispensing to new levels of patient safety as well assisting the pharmacies in reducing their costs to fill prescriptions.”


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