Leopara compact, wireless makeup lighting system launches funding campaign

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SAN DIEGO – Leopara, the world’s first compact, portable, wireless makeup lighting system, has officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

The patent-pending Leopara 360° Makeup Lighting System was created by a beauty enthusiast and frequent traveler who became frustrated with the lighting situation when traveling. Leopara is designed to solve travel related makeup lighting problems with the launch of a Lighting System that is compact, portable, wireless and attaches and detaches to any mirror without needing tripods, suctions cups or outlets to operate.

“The lighting in hotels is terrible for makeup application and packing a lighted mirror just isn’t practical,” said Rachel Vicknair, founder and chief executive officer of Leopara. “With Leopara, travelers can turn any mirror into a lighted vanity that will allow them to apply makeup efficiently and effectively. Leopara fits in the palm of your hand and only weighs 12 ounces, so it can easily be packed in a purse, backpack or carry-on without taking up too much space or adding significant weight.”

Leopara includes four wireless LED panels that attach and detach to any mirror using nano suction technology. The System features 5000k Daylight White LEDs, which mimic natural light and deliver professionally recommended color temperature for makeup application. Leopara is rechargeable and includes a 4-in-1 USB charging cord for convenient charging before travel. The System is housed in a custom-designed carry case that allows for portability while protecting the components.

“As a former professional in dance, film, and TV, I’ve experienced firsthand how professional lighting can impact your makeup routine and your mood,” said Rachel. “I’ve always just dealt with the terrible lighting when I traveled, all the while, hating the way it made me feel and how difficult it made the makeup process. There was no solution available, so I decided to create one myself. I considered every pain point I’ve personally experienced to develop what I feel is the ultimate travel makeup lighting solution.”

Leopara can also be used to illuminate beauty tasks such as eyelash application, tweezing and shaving. It’s wireless, stick-anywhere feature also makes it an effective tool for lighting beauty tutorials, live social media videos and web conferencing.

The Leopara 360° Makeup Lighting System will be available this fall and will retail $89.


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