Little Clinic partnership provides opioid alternatives

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NASHVILLE — Kroger Co.’s The Little Clinic has collaborated with Results Physiotherapy to offer patients additional treatments for a wide variety of conditions and injuries with a joint commitment to help patients live pain-free without prescription opioid medications. Clinics in Tennessee, Kentucky and southern Indiana will participate.

“The Little Clinic increases access to important health care services in our communities, and our new collaboration with Results Physiotherapy allows us to further expand the solutions we provide to our patients,” said Colleen Lindholz, president of Kroger pharmacy and The Little Clinic. “Treatment programs from board-certified physical therapists improve patient outcomes for a wide range of the issues we see in our clinics every day. With this collaboration, The Little Clinic can deliver a more convenient and more complete health care solution to those patients.”

The partnership is designed to provide ongoing treatment for patients with chronic pain, mobility or balance issues, minor orthopedic injuries and certain postpartum issues. Results Physiotherapy will provide a free consultation and recommendation to patients, which may include physical therapy if necessary.

The two companies “are both focused on improving quality of life for our patients in the communities we serve,” said Results Physiotherapy chief marketing officer Mark Tinsey. “Now, our two entities can work more closely together to offer patients access to physical therapy treatment that will help them get better, faster — without the use of opioids.”



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