LoveBug Probiotics line aids kids’ digestive health

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NEW YORK — LoveBug Probiotics has developed a line of scientifically advanced probiotics for infants and children.

Probiotics have become increasingly popular for restoring and maintaining gut health, with a plethora of products to be found in the vitamins and supplements aisle of most drug chains. And while adults make up most of the probiotics users, these “good” bacteria supplements are becoming more of a growing trend for children and even toddlers and infants.

LoveBug Probiotics Tiny TummiesStudies show that more than 70 million Americans suffer from digestive problems, according to Ashley Harris, cofounder and chief executive officer of Manhattan-based LoveBug Probiotics, which has developed a complete, scientifically advanced probiotics line, including products targeting infants and children. Through patented BIO-tract technology, LoveBug probiotics offer controlled release of active ingredients to ensure that the good bacteria survive the digestive process, the company says.

With nearly 70% of the immune system located in the gut, probiotics have gained popularity for not just digestive health but overall health as well. “Our microbiome is a delicate ecosystem that needs a combination of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bugs to function normally,” says Harris. “Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria that live naturally in your gut.”

Harris, who is a mother, says she created LoveBug after searching for the perfect remedy for her ailments following the birth of her son, Hudson. After being prescribed a broad spectrum of antibiotics as a preventive measure, both Harris and her newborn became very sick, with Harris suffering from migraine headaches and a weakened immune system and her son suffering from colic and other digestive issues. Through her research, Harris determined that bad bacteria was the culprit for both her and her son.

After being prescribed probiotics, Harris’ condition improved, inspiring her to share her newly acquired knowledge of good gut health with the world. Harris teamed up with leading scientists to create supplements with only the best probiotic strains, delivering them exactly to where they’re needed to do their work.

Two of LoveBug’s most recent probiotics, Tiny Tummies and Little Ones, have been top-selling supplements on Amazon.com, according to Harris. “Yes, probiotics for babies is a growing trend,” she says, adding that these supplements are becoming more popular as more consumers realize the importance of gut health.

Tiny Tummies comes in a flavorless powder packet containing a 15 billion colony forming-unit (CFU) count and can be easily mixed with cool food or drink. The company’s proprietary Strains One blend of probiotic strains isn’t enough, Harris notes. “Our development team has created a proprietary blend of eight diverse strains to provide optimal benefits to your baby.”

LoveBug Probiotics Little OnesLoveBug Tiny Tummies supplements, the company says, are free of allergens — gluten, soy, lactose and other common supplement ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions and cause more harm than good.

According to LoveBug, a child’s microbiome is seeded during birth as the baby passes through the birth canal. Between ages 1 and 4, the number of different microbial strains in a baby’s tummy increases 10 times, from 100 to 1,000. Tiny Tummies probiotic packets, the company says, start a baby on the right foot with a favorable balance of gut bacteria. LoveBug’s probiotic blend is designed to help nurture a microbiome in babies, which will support their physical health and mental well-being.

LoveBug Little Ones probiotics can also help children start life with a healthy gut, leading to more time playing and less time suffering and building a foundation for a strong immune system.

These supplements, LoveBug says, are 15 times more effective than chewables and are scientifically developed to get the microorganisms past the stomach acid barrier and to their final destination in the digestive tract, where they do their health-boosting work. Another health benefit of Little Ones, the company adds, is that they can help restore gut damage in children that results from the excessive intake of sugar while they mitigate sugar cravings.

LoveBug Labor of Love, meanwhile, is a probiotic blend specifically formulated to nurture gut health — for both baby and mother — in the womb. This special blend promotes an optimal immune response for both mother and baby for better health during pregnancy and while nursing.

Pregnancy, according to the company, is often accompanied by various health challenges. Labor of Love was designed to support healthy glucose levels, reduce pregnancy-related constipation, aid digestion and promote proper nutrition absorption, so that mother and baby are healthy throughout the pregnancy and during nursing. This probiotic blend also offers 250 mcg of folate, helping to prevent numerous birth defects.

An additional benefit is that as the baby develops in the womb, the blend is already working to help create a balanced gut populated with good, helpful bacteria.

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